L keeps on beeing epic

Recently some lucky fans already got their L copies. And with that, the PV's for Sweet Season and Virgin Road is out.

I almost have no words. I mean, I thought the whole Rock 'n' Roll Circus album's PV's was epic. Amazing. Same goes for MOON. Once again, amazing. Then we got crossroad and blossom that didn't impress me too much I'm afraid. I almost thought that great PV era was over again.

But no, here Ayu comes again. With two splendid PV's. I mean. They are great!

First, Sweet Season:

Sweet Season
Uploaded by MirrorcleWonder. - Parties, dorm life, and other college videos.

Isn't this video bittersweet? I love hangover Ayu waking up. I could die for that look (minus the smudged out make-up) but she looks smokin' hot. The hair, outfit, everything. But the thing is that she wakes up after this lovely shiny dream noticing that she got nothing of that. Instead she is left lonley after partying. How I love these contrasts!

Seccond, Virgin Road:

[PV]Hamasaki Ayumi - Virgin Road
Uploaded by Maki-dream. - Explore more music videos.

Well, there isn't much to say about this one. I love everything about it. In contrast to the song itself it just works out beautifully. Ayu looks amazing in this video. I love love love that long dark hair of hers. The only thing I don't like about this one (and then I'm picky) is the bank that looks just made out of playwood and paper. And that sometimes the effect sounds are a bit too loud. Other then that, it's perfection.

See, this single just keeps on going it's epic-ness. Too bad Last Angel doeasn't have a PV. Maybe I can work out a fanmade version? Well, I can't complain at all after these two wonderful PV's we actually got. :D Now I simply have to end this entry with Last Angel.

Last Angel - wideo
ayumi hamasaki
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This single is epic.

EPIC I tell you!

First we have Virgin Road that is just so beautiful that you fall flat down to the floor.
Then we have Sweet Season that is just cute and happy that makes your heart warm.

Last we got Last Angel... It's so good that it's epic. It's just perfection itself. I haven't been this hooked at a Ayu song after firt listening in a long time. It's amazing!

I'm freaking out of epic-ness!
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Going back


And I can't wait until I get there! Until I can walk the streets of Tokyo!
Aaaah, it's gonna be great!